"Bluxride is 60% of my revenue. I've expanded to 20 chauffeurs and 10 vehicles."

Grow your business with Bluxride

Bluxride Website and web portal connect licensed and insured chauffeur partners with a global client base of sophisticated business and leisure travelers. You can fill the gaps in your schedule or we could even become your main source of rides. Our competitive pricing is regularly matched to local market rates, and our unwavering commitment to quality enables us to offer fair rates to chauffeurs while ensuring exceptional service for guests.

Reliable payments

The displayed amount with each offer represents the minimum transfer to your account—no additional fees or taxes are deducted. Monthly payments for completed rides will be directly deposited to your bank account.

Complete schedule control

Choose your rides via our reverse auction. Tailor your schedule and select rides that align with your timeline, location, and preferred vehicle type. We provide A-to-B transfers, hourly bookings, City-to-City rides, and more!

Join an international crew

Joining the Bluxride crew means being part of an international service. We arrange rides for our partners and their guests in over 50 countries.

Superior account management

Whether you're a dispatcher assigning rides or an owner/operator with spare time, our app and online Partner Portal simplify your tasks. Manage all your rides effortlessly with just a few taps or clicks.

Dedicated support team

Alongside our 24/7 Customer Care who help with ongoing/upcoming rides, our Partner Support Team can assist 24/5 for admin issues via chat and email. Plus, FAQs are at your fingertips in our Partner Help Center.


  • All chauffeurs and vehicles must possess valid company registration, licenses, and insurance.
  • Vehicles must adhere to local regulations, be clean, undamaged, and smoke-free.
  • Companies must stay current with evolving standards and policies to maintain excellent quality.

Specific requirements may vary, so please refer to the complete list for your location here:


Get driving in four steps:

  1. Submit your application via our onboarding portal.
  2. Upload your documentation for our team’s review through our portal.
  3. Finish the training modules and undergo a brief interview with us.
  4. Accept your first ride!

Driving a sustainable future

We’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint, transitioning toward electric rides. Acquiring London-based all-electric chauffeur service, Havn, marked a significant step. Moreover, we’re integrating more electric vehicles into our fleets worldwide. Since 2017, every ride is carbon offset, and we’re striving to offset all carbon emissions since our founding in 2011.

Frequently asked questions

We exclusively collaborate with insured, established chauffeur companies. To apply, ensure you:

  1. Meet our vehicle standards.
  2. Submit documentation for your business, one vehicle, and either yourself or one of your chauffeurs.
    After your account activation, you can add additional vehicles and chauffeurs as needed.

Refer to the vehicle and document requirements for your city and commence your partner application here.

You have full control over the number of rides you take. Accept as many rides as your capacity permits. Ride availability is contingent upon regional and seasonal demand.

At the start of each month, you'll receive an invoice detailing all rides completed the previous month. The invoice will also include any additional compensation for extras like wait time or route changes.

Payments are processed via wire/bank transfer and typically reflect in your account by the 17th of the month.

Only specific vehicles meet the criteria for Bluxride rides. Vehicle requirements vary by city. You can access the vehicle list you need by selecting your country and city here.

Our partner application process ensures we select the top professional chauffeur services. We exclusively collaborate with insured, licensed chauffeur companies, and our document requirements comply with local regulations, eliminating the need for additional paperwork!

Once your documents are approved, the final step in the registration process is to attend an online group webinar session. This interview allows us to acquaint ourselves and address any questions about our mutual expectations in our new partnership. After the webinar, you're all set to begin!

Start your partner application here.

Absolutely! In certain markets, customers have the option to request EVs, while in many others, they are seamlessly integrated into our standard fleet. Moreover, our entire Dubai fleet is now electric!

We strongly advocate for the adoption of electric vehicles, not only due to their positive impact on the environment but also because of the rising customer demand, coupled with fluctuating fossil fuel prices.

For EV rides, only fully electric vehicles are accepted. The list of accepted EV models can vary depending on your city. You can find the necessary vehicle list here.

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