“Bluxride Is 60% of my revenue. I’ve grown from 2 to 20 chauffeurs and have 10 vehicles from working with them.”

Grow your business with Bluxride

We care a lot. It’s what being a bluxrider is all about. We care about our crew, chauffeurs, guests, community, and especially our global impact.

This is why we are invested in improving our sustainability, including making at least 15% of our rides take place in electric vehicles by 2023 and offsetting our carbon emissions dating back to our 2011 founding. It’s ambitious, but we’re already well on the way!

Transparency and effective communication nurture an environment that is motivating, passionate, and inspiring. We empower our crew to work towards the same goals and overcome challenges together, regardless of their physical location. While our main hub is in Germany, there are bluxriders in Singapore, Spain, the U.A.E., the U.K., and the U.S.

Everyone has valuable ideas, and we want your unique perspective on steering bluxride into the future. This is your chance to make your mark and be part of the bluxride journey! 

Personal development

Create a personal development plan. Set goals, learn new skills, and connect with a mentor to help you reach what you want to achieve. Budget for online courses, conferences, and books bolsters your learning journey.

Open feedback culture

Discover a company culture where open feedback and communication is valued. We offer monthly 1:1 chats with our C-level team members, as we believe feedback makes Bluxride a better place to work.

Virtual stock options

Take ownership of your work — literally — with our employee stock option plan. Shares vest over four years at no cost to you. Blacklane’s success is your success.

Flexible work environment

Your work and home lives should exist in harmony. Find what works for you and your team with our flexible working hours and our hybrid model of working from home and working from the office. Core working hours cater to both early birds and night owls.

Social events

From Friday evening drinks at the office, to twice-a-year department events with budgets for every team, we offer plenty of opportunities to connect with your team and build relationships (safely). And not to brag, but our company parties are legendary.

Bluxride Cares day

Every crew member receives 8 hours of paid leave per year to participate in volunteering initiatives of their choice or lead employee-driven community outreach projects. Utilize your time to lend hands to a cause that drives your passion.

“Being a Bluxrider is…having a feeling of belongingness, being part of an organization that thinks of employees first.”

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